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Welcome to my Web Page. I am originally from New Zealand, and have been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past 16 years.

I hold dual Australian and New Zealand citizenship. Which is not to say that I don't like New Zealand any longer, but a lot of New Zealanders tend to find NZ rather small and lacking opportunity at one time or another and hence travel overseas trying to find greener pastures. Australia is traditionally one place Kiwis (not the flightless bird, this is slang for New Zealanders) go to.

If you want to find out more about what I think about various things, and also see some of my poetry, vist my blog


Career wise I describe myself as a:
Freelance Video Producer

And a:

Community Television Producer

I am producer of a couple of current programs and several past programs for Melbourne Community Television.

They include: Spirit of Life and Harmony in Diversity and Red Lobster

Spirit of Life Web SiteHarmony in Diversity Web SiteRed Lobster Web Site

In the past I have worked as an Audio Visual Technician for RMIT University, and also taught Audio Visual Technology part time as a sessional teacher for the RMIT VET sector.

I originally started out as a Technician for Radio New Zealand thirty nine years ago, then became a Radio Studio Operator With Radio New Zealand, before going to England for almost two years and working for the BBC World Service Radio as a Studio Manager (the BBC term for Studio Operator)

An interest in Community Access Radio led me to wish to develop skills in producing radio programs which eventually led me to produce a half hour Radio documentary for Radio New Zealand International just before leaving for England in 1990.

While working for the BBC I was able to produce a short radio package for their "Focus on Faith" Program, available here in real player format.

If you don't see the Real Player controls above here click on the icon to go to the Real Player site and get Real Player.

The package is about the 1991 Catholic World Youth Day in Chestahova, Poland. The BBC have a policy of encouraging their Studio Managers to develop skills in other areas, and since as I was going to the event anyway, I arranged to do the package out of material gathered on the trip.

The package is about the Focolare Movement, which was one of the various movements and organizations of the church represented at the Youth meeting and which I had been involved with since before going to England.

After returning to New Zealand in 1992 I heard about an experimental community TV station being started on a trial cable network where I lived. Fascinated with the idea of being able to make community TV programs in the same way I already had made community radio programs, I volunteered to help with Kapiti Television, particularly in trying to make local religious programming and broadcast local church services.

Eventually this led me to apply for an ANZAC Fellowship in order to go to Australia to learn about the new, free to air, community Television stations just being started there.

The ANZAC Fellowship award gave me four months experience as a volunteer with Melbourne community Television, after which I returned to New Zealand.

Subsequently I decided to return to Melbourne and got a part time job as a Technician for RMIT TV Studios, who provide the facilities and technical support for the Melbourne Community TV broadcasts.

I then became involved in producing programs for one of the eight full member groups of Channel 31, Northern Access Television, working on various programs over the last twenty five years.

In 1999/2000' in collaboration with a friend and fellow member of Northern Access Television I Produced a weekly half hour general interest magazine format program. This was called Et Cetera, and in total we produced 21 episodes of it. Several episodes were accepted for inclusion in the Community Collection of the Australian Center for the Moving Image, at Federation Square, Melbourne.

I was also for a long time, producer of Northern Access TV's, group produced, regular weekly interview program NAT Chat .

I slso have worked part time, for three years, as a Sessional TAFE Teacher, teaching Audio Production and Audio Visual technology in the Vocational and Educational Training sector of RMIT with the then Creative Media Department.

My interests also include Science Fiction, especially such authors as Robert Heinlien, Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, David Brin, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournell, among others. And I am, surprise surprise, also a Star Trek fan, (and also a fan of Babylon 5, Dr Who and Stargate).

I have also written a few short stories, mostly Sci-Fi. Click here to read one of them titled "Pushing the Envelope", and here to read another, longer one, titled "Children of the Stars".

One of my hobbies has always been Still photography, especially candid black and white shots of people. Click here to see some examples of these.

Here also is a photo story I did a few years ago.

Other hobbies I've had in the past include collecting comics and flying gliders.

PS. I also write Poetry. If you are very brave click here to go to my poetry page, I assure you that it is better than that of Nancy Milstone Jennings, and I won't expel you out an airlock if you don't like it (By the way, as you can see, I am also a Douglas Adams fan, .....and a Terry Pratchet fan!).

I also have some poetry post cards which are examples of a combination of my hobbies of Photography and Poetry here.

You can Email me at dmclauch@bigpond.net.au____

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