These are Guidelines for what I charge and may change depending on the nature and complexity of the job.


  • Simple lecture of up to 2 hours duration, shot single camera (Sony EX1), including simple titles and one DVD copy or HD mp4 file on USB or via web

    $350 - extra $250 to add powerpoint slides etc to the finished product


For an all day seminar, shot similarly to a lecture - I charge around $1000 a day for filming depending on location, set up time, and complexity of the shoot, plus other costs such as the hire of extra equipment. This does not include the cost of editing the raw footage and creating DVD's or uploading to the web.

Concerts, Plays etc

  • Simple shoot of a concert or play of up to 2 hours duration, shot single camera (Sony EX1), including simple titles and one DVD copy or HD mp4 on USB. This assumes a sound feed is provided by the venue or a separate sound operator, and the quality of the sound will be dependent on the feed provided, otherwise only ambient sound is recorded from the camera top microphone and may or may not be adequate depending on the venue acoustics etc. Additional shotgun microphones can improve the sound but will cost extra.


  • For a more elaborate production with still only one camera operator and additional one or two fixed cameras edited to a finished product

    $1500 - $3000 depending on complexity and length of production

To do extra DVD copies (including case and cover slip and inkjet printed DVDs) - $25 per copy

Changing to moving cameras instead of fixed ones will depend on the cost of additional camera operators and cameras etc.

NOTE: - The cost of any copyright clearances etc involved in the making of the video are extra


I base my quotes on a rate of $100 per hour for editing using Adobe Premiere Pro, and I can master on to DVD, or to files on USB Stick or Hard Drive, or upload straight to the Web.

Corporate Videos

My charges for elaborate productions depend on the complexity of the production.

As an example, for something similar to either of the two Brimarco Corporate Videos, which can be found on this web site (click here), I would quote between $1500 and $2500 depending on the number of shoots involved and the complexity of the editing.

Basic Camera Work (with Sony EX1 XDCAMEX camera, or Panasonic GH4)

For a simple shoot - with a Sony EX1, or a Panasonic GH4, plus basic Light (5 light field kit) and sound equipment (camera top short shotgun, handheld mic and radio mic) - I charge $100 per hour (or part thereof), (minimum charge of $400)

These are indications only - the actual quote is likely to vary depending on the complexity of the shoot, number of copies on to DVD, etc.

Please also note that currently my freelance business has a turnover per year of less that the amount required by the ATO for registration for GST - hence I currently do not have to charge GST to my clients (and therefore GST is not included in the above prices) - this may change in the future.
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