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David Charles McLauchlan






1/81 Parer St, Burwood,

VIC 3125, Australia


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Radio Technicians Certificate - New Zealand


Radio-Electronics Serviceman’s Registration - New Zealand

Summary of Skills

I have skills in the following areas, developed from my varied background in the Broadcasting and AV industries.

  • Video Program Production, including, Camera Operating, Editing (Linear and Non-Linear), Small scale Multi-Camera Directing, and Technical Direction.
  • Audio Engineering and editing.
  • Audio Visual set up and operation.
  • Radio Program Production.
  • HTML Web Page construction.
  • Electronic Maintenance and Installation.
  • TAFE level Teaching.


Video Producer and Editor 1998-2019

I have a variety of experience as a video editor using both analog and digital video editing equipment, and a comprehensive knowledge of producing Videos gained from my work as a Video Producer and an Audio Visual Technician, and as a Community TV Producer, and my background in Professional Broadcasting.

Over the last twenty one years I have developed a business producing budget corporate videos - mostly of lectures and seminars, doing filming and editing for other Community TV Producers, as well as filming and editing Community Theatre Productions, and filming Dance School concerts and similar events.

My non linear editing system runs Adobe Premiere Pro.

I have also filmed a variety of Lectures Seminars and Conferences, in the past for several departments of RMIT University and more recently for other clients such as

Community TV Producer
1995 - 2019

I have gained extensive experience over the last 24 years as a Community TV Producer with Northern Access Television, a part of C31 Melbourne.

For more detail see the other pages of this web site.

I also have extensive experience operating small scale multi camera video production studios, initally at the studio of C31 Melbourne, and more recently at my own small scale interview studio.

Audio-Visual Technician 1995-2002


For seven years I was employed part time as an Audio-Visual Technician by RMIT Audio Visual Services, my duties included:

  • Technical support for broadcasts from the RMIT Television studios, for Channel 31 and live programs produced by RMITV;
  • Setting up studios for broadcasts;
  • Locating and repairing or bypassing faults, as necessary, during broadcasts to ensure a smooth and continuous operation to air;
  • Installation and re-configuration of equipment and cabling the studio facilities for an efficient and more effective use as a to-air presentation suite;
  • Operating Video cameras as required;
  • Providing other Audio-Visual services, as required, including assisting and instructing clients on the use of edit suites and augmenting the daytime staff who provide the general AV services for the University.

Sessional TAFE Teacher 1996-2000

I was employed part time, as a Sessional Teacher by the Creative Media Department of RMIT’s Vocational and Educational Training Sector, teaching elements of the AV Certificate and Sound Production Certificate courses.

Subjects I have taught include:

  • Sound and Acoustics
  • Electronics
  • Audio Technology
  • Video Technology
  • Projection Technology
  • Audio Production
  • Lighting

Radio Technician and Studio Operator 1981-1994


BBC World Service - London 1990-1992

As a BBC Studio Manager I worked with people from many different cultural backgrounds in a variety of multi-lingual program styles as a panel operator for both live and pre-recorded programs in a variety of radio studios.

Radio New Zealand 1981-1990; [1992-1994(Casual)]

For twelve years as a Radio Technician and Studio Operator my responsibilities included the installation and maintenance of radio studios as well as their operation and work on outside broadcasts.

 Radio 2XX - New Zealand 1994

Production operating on radio commercials in a demanding environment. 

Radio Program Production Experience

"Supporting the Sacredness of People" - 1990

A half hour Radio Documentary I produced for Radio New Zealand International about a conference of young Catholics held on the subject of the Treaty of Waitangi, for its 150th anniversary.

Focus on Faith item - 1991

A 5 minute package I produced for BBC World Service program "Focus on Faith", about the 1991 Catholic World Youth Day.

Cable Television(New Zealand) 1993-1995

Producer/Technical Director

Assisted with a mini-station on Kiwi Cable TV in New Zealand, first as a volunteer, primarily filming, editing, and co-ordinating the playing of Religious programs on Sundays, then in a paid position as Technical Director. Using a two camera set-up my responsibilities included:

  • Pre-recording and editing interviews and sporting events; and
  • Live transmissions of local District Council meetings etc.


Melbourne Community Television Consortium (MCTC Channel 31) 1994-2001

Assistant Presentation Manager 1994

Awarded one of a limited number of ANZAC Fellowship grants, I came to Melbourne to work full time in a short-term position with MCTC. This enabled me to gain invaluable experience in the day-to-day operations of a Community Television Station as an Assistant Presentation Manager.

Acting Presentation Manager 1996

I temporally filled the position of Acting Presentation Manager for 5 weeks whilst the Presentation Manager was on annual leave early in 1996.


Presentation Co-ordinator (Director) 1994-1997, & 1999-2001

Volunteered my services, in the above-mentioned position, which involved being in charge of a crew of 8 or more volunteers, one night a week, responsible for putting the station’s programming to air. The position also involved training Presentation Co-ordinators as well as training volunteers in other crew roles.

Wellington Access Radio (New Zealand)

Council Member 1992-1994

As well as being a program maker, training the stations volunteer Studio Operators and advising the Station Manager on the purchase and installation of studio equipment I was an elected member of the Council (the equivalent of a board of directors) of this Community Radio Station for two years.


Computer Skills

IBM, Mackintosh. Amiga

I have an excellent working knowledge of IBM compatible PCs using DOS and Windows software as well as knowledge of Mackintosh and Amiga computers. Programs I am familiar with are as follows:

  • General software including, Word, Excel, and MS Publisher.
  • Specialist Video and and Audio and graphics packages including, Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Audition and Adobe Photoshop. I also know the basics of several the other Adobe Creative Suite of programs as well as Microsoft Power Point.

This Web Site I have produced using Adobe Dreamweaver, MS Word and Adobe PhotoShop, as well direct programming in HTML.

PERSONAL Qualities









Working with a number of organizations both here and overseas has enabled me to develop the following qualities. The ability to:

  • Hold positions of authority and responsibility;
  • Communicate effectively with people of many different backgrounds;
  • Display initiative and tact;
  • Co-operate with others in all work undertaken;
  • Develop good working relationships with others;
  • Work without supervision;
  • Work under pressure and meet deadlines; and
  • Accept responsibility in all work undertaken.



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